The research centre for russian agriculture “Agroprognoz” is an analytical and consulting foundation engaged in agricultural marketing analysis and forecast with a focus on three headings: crop statistics, agrochemicals and crop technology. Overall market analysis for main russian crops is supplemented with day-to-day agricultural digest activities and press review on the five selective topics: Agro Events, Agricultural Statistics and Forecast, Mineral Fertilizers, Crop Protection and Food Security.

The founding members of Agroprognoz have over ten years of experience in both scientific and business marketing research in agriculture. We work with major russian agricultural agencies and for a global market perspectives we rely on the breadth of experience of the following world market research agencies, world food and agricultural organizations: US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), World Bank, International fertilizer industry association (IFA); Kleffmann Group, Phillips McDougall, Agrow, McKinsey, Transparency Market Research etc.

Agribusiness Intelligence and Consulting

“Agroprognoz” provides a wide range of services for agricultural institutions, organizations and farmers: agrostatistics; thematic analytical issues; agricultural news & events; special marketing research; overall agricultural forecast; designed presentations & video materials. Our goal is to provide complex analytical instument based on agricultural index with a reliable performance of the agricultural commodity markets.

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