Summary: The article explains the representation of soil science in the video format on YouTube – the most popular online media platform. Investigated the transition of online media from purely entertainment to another purposes – educational, popular scientific and research. Analyzed the most popular scientific and popular science youtube channels – in comparison with the channels of soil and agro-themed. Evaluated the current situation and the potential of Russian-language youtube channels based on the analysis of search queries.

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Долгинова В.А., Рыбальский Н.Н. Представленность почвоведения на youtube // Использование и охрана природных ресурсов в России. — 2017. — № 3. — С. 110–114.

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YouTube, youtube channel, video, soil science, soil, soil scientist, media, Internet, popularization of soil science, popular science, soil video, online lectures, distance learning, vlog, social media, education.