Summary: Studied the media environment of Soil science on YouTube. Highlighted the main criteria for growth and engagement of the audience on YouTube. Analysed the most popular Soil science channel in Russian language. Formulated the main criteria which influencing the development of the YouTube channel; proposed recommendations on the management of specialized Soil science channels. Considered the development concept of scientific and popular-science channels on YouTube.

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Долгинова В.А., Рыбальский Н.Н. Развитие медиасреды почвоведения на youtube // Использование и охрана природных ресурсов в России. — 2017. — № 4. — С. 30–35.

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media, YouTube, channel, video, blog, vlog, soil science, internet, media, seo, subscribers, views, popularization, online lectures, distance learning, social media, education, popular science.